Vietnam Sourcing – International Trade Solutions Co., Ltd. has been in Vietnam for 5 years. Our Head Office is conveniently located at District 01, Ho Chi Minh City. We have additional American Offices in California with Team Representatives throughout Vietnam.

Our regular customers particularly value our skilled local Vietnamese English-speaking. Management Team trained in both Western and Asian business practices … our performance and results oriented successes … and our timely communication and reporting activities.

Why Vietnam?

Worldwide Companies are seeking new primary and secondary sources for low cost manufacturing.

About Vietnam Sourcing Page

The China factor of increasing production costs, removal of incentives, rising foreign exchange rates, new employment protection laws and political uncertainty have effected the bottom-line of Buyers everywhere.

Vietnam represents a “first mover opportunity” for those who want to make the investment in time, energy and money.

Vietnam represents both import and export opportunities….


Vietnam Sourcing

Vietnam Sourcing bridges the gaps in communication and Asian business culture achieving better results and business relationships on behalf of our clients.

Vietnam Sourcing’s Management Group consists of local well educated, English-speaking Vietnamese Staff trained in Western Business Standards and highly skilled in Business Sourcing, Supply Chain Management and Trade Solutions.

We maintains its own internal database with detailed information on over 2,500+ Vietnam Companies from previous factory visitations and assessments.

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