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As per your requirements, our esteemed Sourcing Team diligently undertakes a comprehensive market analysis and meticulously identifies apt manufacturers and suppliers. Subsequently, our proficient Operations Team diligently ensures that both product quality and the entirety of the export procedure adhere to impeccable standards. Our diverse suite of services encompasses a spectrum ranging from a fundamental "Basic Supplier Check" to a methodical supplier analysis, extending all the way to the establishment of a fully integrated purchasing office in Vietnam. We actively engage in areas where we discern substantial value addition for our esteemed clientele.


Vietnam's distinctive proposition, characterized by its advantageous combination of low labor costs, exceptional quality, and punctual delivery, presents an excellent and viable alternative to sourcing from China.

If you are currently seeking reliable agents or partners in Vietnam, allow us to extend our comprehensive support. Our proficient team conducts a thorough market analysis, identifies potential employees, and efficiently facilitates the successful introduction of your products into the local market. Rest assured, we are dedicated to ensuring a seamless and fruitful business endeavor in Vietnam.


Contemplating the establishment of a new production facility in Southeast Asia? Vietnam stands out as an ideal destination for numerous enterprises, offering a host of favorable conditions within the Asian region. With its enticing attributes of cost-effective labor, elevated productivity, strategic positioning at the core of ASEAN, well-developed infrastructure, and robust economic and social stability, Vietnam presents a compelling proposition.

To materialize the full potential of your manufacturing project in this promising landscape, VietnamSourcing is here to lend our expertise and support. We specialize in guiding and empowering businesses to capitalize on the myriad advantages Vietnam has to offer, ensuring the successful realization of your manufacturing endeavors.

Quality Control

At the heart of our commitment lies a straightforward quality objective:
To consistently produce your product in strict accordance with your exacting standards, every single time.
For your absolute peace of mind, we deploy a comprehensive range of quality assurance measures, including meticulous process control plans, well-documented PPAP & APQP procedures, rigorous failure mode and effects analysis, and manufacturing facilities certified for quality excellence (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949). Embracing Lean Six Sigma principles, we continuously strive for operational efficiency, and our UL lab further bolsters our dedication to upholding the highest quality benchmarks. With meticulous lot traceability, you can trust that your product's journey is well accounted for, ensuring uncompromised quality at every step.


At VietnamSourcing, we take pride in providing a diverse array of supply chain management services tailored to simplify the logistics journey for our valued clients. However, we understand that each business has its unique preferences and capabilities. Should you decide to manage your own freight, rest assured, we fully support your choice.

For those seeking a seamless and efficient supply chain, our expertise comes to the fore. We excel in arranging smooth product shipments to the port of your preference, allowing you to take charge from that point forward.
Recognizing the significance of delivery for our customers, we collaborate closely with you to meticulously analyze your annual usage patterns. Leveraging this insight, we proactively predict and anticipate spikes in demand, ensuring timely placement of your orders. This proactive approach guarantees that your product arrives at your doorstep precisely when you need it, eliminating any unnecessary delays and keeping your operations running smoothly.

Electronic Product Sourcing:

We support the following small categories:

  • Cables (Electric cables, Wire hardness cables, Power cord, USB cables…)
  • Electric Moto
  • PCB – SMT
  • Connectors
  • Electronic Consumer (Household electronic, Vacuum cleaner, Scoreboard, Speaker…)
  • Electronics Accessories (Chargers,…)

Component – Engineered Product Sourcing:

We support the following small categories:

  • Metal frame/metal fabrication: pressing, bending, welding and powder coating
  • Box stampling, mechanical stamping parts
  • Lazer cutting/punching parts
  • Rack, Cage, Grate product
  • Spring parts
  • Plastic injection (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Chassis, Rapid Heat Cycle Molding…), Metal Injection Molding (MIM)…
  • Fastener (Bolt & Nut, Washer, Rivets…)
  • Turning, CNC machining parts
  • Iron, Stainless steel casting
  • Die casting parts
  • Rubber compression/extrusion/injection parts
  • PU/TPU injection/casting parts
  • Foam cutting/casting and fabrication products
  • Composite material products

Handicraft and Furniture Product Sourcing:

We support the following small categories:


  • Handicraft products (tableware, rugs, storage organization, and lighting, planter, basket…)
  • Traditional handicrafts based on natural materials such as bamboo (handicraft bamboo products and made from natural bamboo poles materials)
  • Rattan proofing basket, Cutting board
  • Stone, Mirrors


  • Steel furniture
  • Decorative Furniture
  • Indoor, Outdoor furniture
  • Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Office furniture
  • Vanity, Cabinet, Marbles + steel
  • Ceramic (specialties include unique outdoor glazed and unglazed pots, planters, jars, vases, urns and water fountains)
  • Sofa, Lighting, Hardware

Textile Product Sourcing:

We support the following small categories:

  • PPE (Personal protective equipment)
  • Nonwoven fabric
  • Backpacks, Bags, luggage, Textile storages and organizers
  • Tent, Hammock
  • Pet product and Dog mat rugs
  • Geotextiles, Tarpaulin
  • Hometextile
  • Women’s clothing
  • Socks
  • Cushion, Blanket, Pillow
  • Hat, Cap
  • Towel
  • Shower Curtains
  • Sport categories
  • Baby product, baby carrier, children dress, Stuffed Animals

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Our Business Concept

We are a local sourcing agent. We are not a trader company.
Working Process

Working Process

Buyers will work with manufacturers here directly.

We connect customers to manufacturing partners here directly. We support global buyers to do factory assessment visitting, auditting, inspection or recommending new manufacturers.

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