Vietnam Sourcing asked by individual Clients and Companies. If they need to employ our Inspection Services to monitor Quality Control of their product in the Vietnam Factories … our answer is always a resounding “YES!”

The foreign Corporate Buying and Procurement Veterans of Southeast Asia, particularly in China over the past 30 years, have the battle scars to prove that it is most important to have “eyes, ears and boots on the ground” at all times to ensure product quality and reliability.

Vietnam Sourcing

It is fair to say that all customers want to trim manufacturing margins in an effort to keep the costing of their products low for their buyers. But the critical task of a third party or their own employees inspecting the production of their goods from a Vietnam Supplier is paramount and the costs need to be factored in.

It is also fair to say that most Vietnam Manufacturers have very little experience directly with the final foreign consumers buying demands and expectations regarding product quality, performance and packaging to understand fully the impact when the product is not made and prepared to 100% of the Purchase Order specifications.

When asked what is the difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance a reliable definition is the following: Quality Assurance is process oriented and focuses on defect prevention, while Quality Control is product oriented and focuses on defect identification.

Vietnam Sourcing

Vietnam Sourcing’s Quality Control and Quality Assurance Team is responsible for testing and observing our client’s products for defects before it leaves the Vietnam factory … and in many cases long before it reaches the secondary stages of production or finishing or packaging. Why? The money savings in getting it right before the components or products gets too far down the production line or shipped is enormous! Not just money savings in production time lost and remanufacturing but in the cost of replacement when the foreign buyer receives the goods and rejects the shipment or partial shipment. Other expense factors come into play when the ultimate consumer of the product has to return the merchandise or rejects future repeat purchases of the product or even bad mouths the supplier. These unexpected costs are enormous as you can imagine.

It is all preventable when you have a reliable, trustworthy, professional person or QC/QA Team in place to make in-line inspections, or 1, 2, or 3 visitations to the Vietnam Manufacturer if necessary at the appropriate scheduled times. The finding and eliminating sources of quality problems through tools & equipment, following customer specifications, policies and procedures so that customer’s requirements are continually met are usually employed.

Paying the cost of a Quality Control Inspection and a Quality Assurance Plan is the best insurance policy a foreign buyer can take … to borrow the phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” … furthermore one will sleep much better at night when you know this part of the Supply Chain is taken care of and that there are no surprises when you take delivery of your goods.

Vietnam Sourcing can be your trusted partner in Vietnam

Choosing a Southeast Asian country like Vietnam in sourcing low cost manufacturing entails extensive market research and due diligence. It is imperative for a company to a find reliable local partner with a long history of operating in Vietnam that can help you directly in considering furniture manufacturing, in Vietnam.

You need to have a partner that understands the business climate and culture of Vietnam.

Vietnam Sourcing’s Management Group consists of well educated English-speaking Vietnamese Personnel in its Vietnam operations trained in western business practices. And, it is important to be able to consult and communicate directly with your local expert in Vietnam that can provide insight on local markets and how these markets are likely to change in the short and the long term.

Vietnam Sourcing’s focus is on building trade agreements between worldwide companies and Vietnam businesses by providing full supply chain management services in sourcing, manufacturing, importing and exporting.

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