machinging part sourcing

Machining Parts Sourcing. We offer CNC precision machining of low and high volume parts. And also for production of some prototypes to meet customer requirements. Most metals and plastics can be CNC machined. The products can be supplied with a variety of surface finishes from plating, anodising, powder coating to painting and many more.

Our supply base has a wide range of CNC Milling and Turning capability. The CNC machines range from standard 3,4 and 5 axis. And machines up to specialist 12 axis machines capable of producing truly complex parts without ever removing the product from the machine.

machinging part sourcing

CNC machining has the capability of producing intricate parts with high tolerances and excellent surface finishes. All holes and threads are created during the CNC cycle to ensure high positional accuracy and feature integrity. Where necessary secondary processing of wire cutting, laser cutting and grinding operations are commonplace to further process the part.

High spec. modern machines, experienced engineers, skilled machine operators and robust quality management systems all combine to consistently deliver the highest quality products.

machinging part sourcing

All parts are produced to customer supplied drawings and specifications or simply provide us with a sample and we can proceed from there.

Examples of Precision Machining

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