Die casting general
Die casting is a high production rate reproducible method of creating complex metal components. However, the die casting is only as good as the initial design. To make the best die castings one has to create a design that matches the process.
To design die castings the designer should understand the basic process. The steps in the high pressure process will be explained. In addition some aspects of the process design will be covered. This will address selection of the machine size, location of runners, and the filling pattern. Finally, high performance modifications of the process will be covered. These processes include semi solid and squeeze casting.

Die designing
I Explained following steps of Die Design Process:
1.Step of Die design process & Detail of Steps.
2.Feasibility Study for Die design
3. Die Casting Gating Design –Flow Chart
4.Steps for good gate design
5.Flow Pattern Guide Line
6.Guide Line for Fill time
7.Design runner according to machine
8.Overflow & Vent

Die cast defects:
Let’s explore what the different kinds of die casting defects are, and how they’re caused. Not only do defects often cause die cast parts to be rejected, but they can also lead to dangerous products if not caught in time.
Let’s look at what the following defects are, why they happen, and how to detect them: – – – Gas porosity defects
– Short shots
– Cold shut defects
– Hot tears
– Excessive flash
Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be better placed to assure that your die cast components and products are at the correct quality level that you require when checking them.

Aluminum Casting Process please noted, this is low cost processing